The Raymarching Toolkit wouldn’t be possible without the inspiring work of these people and institutions, who share their techniques and help others like us!

  • Inigo Quilez for Shadertoy, and for an extensive set of pages about raymarching online. His Shadertoy raymarching examples are MIT licensed.
  • mercury for the hg_sdf library, a super readable library of SDF glsl code released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial (CC BY-NC). The Raymarching Toolkit originally shipped with a few snippets of code from this project mistakenly, but that code has since been removed.
  • The community
  • Keijiro Takahashi, for lots of amazing stuff, and specifically in this project for some of his noise code (released under the MIT license)
  • Media Molecule for making and sharing some of their process on Dreams

For more about raymarching, see More Resources