Add a RaymarchBlend component to a GameObject to make any RaymarchObjects in it or its children blend together.


RecursiveIf true, this blend will apply to all children, grand-children, etc. recursively underneath this component's Transform.
SnippetThe blend snippet to apply.

Built-in Blend Snippets


Union is the "default" blend, and simply places your objects together in the scene without any modification. You don't need to add a RaymarchBlend component to get this default behavior.


Like the default Union blend, except that objects will "bleed" into each others' spaces, producing a more organic shape.


Subtract makes the total volume of the first child subtracted from the volume of the second child.


Leaves behind only the chunks of the objects that intersect.


This blend lets you smoothly transition from one object shape to another. This blend is more useful for objects occupying the same space.

Making your own Blends

  • In the Project window, click Create -> Raymarcher -> Blend.
  • A new Blend asset will be created in your project. Click it to open its inspector.
  • Given two distances, return a third distance.