Raymarching Toolkit for Unity License

© 2018 by Kevin Watters and Fernando Ramallo all rights reserved

If you purchased this toolkit, you may use it for personal and/or commercial purposes in as many projects as you like. You may not redistribute the contents of its editor scripts without permission.

Additional licenses for software used by this project:

See acknowledgements for projects that helped us learn to do raymarching.

The toolkit makes use of MIT Licensed software.

See Assets/Shaders/KeijiroNoise.cginc for MIT Licensed work by Keijiro Takahashi and others. Used to random generate noise.

See Assets/Shaders/camera.cginc for MIT Licensed work Copyright © 2016 hecomi. Used in retreiving values from view and projection matrices for camera functionality.

See Assets/Shaders/CustomIncludes.cginc for specific links to other authors’ work for sampling textures.

Geometric primitive functions, Menger sponge fractal Copyright © 2013 Inigo Quilez