Quick Start


Make sure you’ve installed the toolkit into your Unity project.

Quick overview

Let’s go!

Let’s make this shape and learn how the toolkit works along the way:

First: add a raymarched sphere

Add your first raymarched object by right clicking in the Hierarchy Window, or clicking its “Create ▼” button, and then select Raymarcher → Object.

You’ll see a GameObject called “Sphere” added to your scene. That GameObject has a RaymarchObject component attached to it, with its Object Snippet set to Sphere. You can click and drag the “radius” input to see your sphere grow and shrink.

You’ll also notice that if your scene didn’t have one before, a Raymarcher object was added for you. This object takes care of rendering the raymarched parts of your scene to any cameras.

Add another shape

Now use Create → Raymarcher → Object and choose an Object Snippet to add another object to your scene.

You’ll notice the box is on top of the sphere:

Simply move the box to the side with its Transform handle:

Blend them together

Now we can try blending the shapes together. Use the Create → Raymarcher → Blend menu option to add a blend to your scene.

You’ll notice a new GameObject in your Hierarchy Window called “Smooth”, which is the default Blend to add. But it doesn’t look like anything is being blended yet!

We’re not seeing any blend because RaymarchBlend objects blend their children in the hierarchy.

We need to parent the primitive objects underneath the blend. Take the “Sphere” and “Box” GameObjects and move them underneath “Smooth” so that it is their parent:

Then you’ll see the two shapes blended together:

Add a modifier

Now we’ll try adding a modifier to our scene. We can reuse the “Smooth” GameObject since it is already parenting the primitives we want to modify.

Click on the “Smooth” GameObject and then in its Inspector window, click “Add Component,” and search for “RaymarchModifier” and click “Add Component.”

By default, the RaymarchModifier component will have its Snippet set to the Displacement modifier. You should see its effect in the scene view right away!

Where to go from here